2019 Results

The 4th Annual Heroes of Yesterday and Today Tournament was held June 14-16, 2019 

U10 Champions - Richfiield Rebels / 2nd Place - Falls Black

U12 Champions - Richfield Rebels Black / 2nd Place - Slinger

U14 Champions - Richfield Rebels Orange /  2nd Place - Richfield Rebels Black

U16 Champions - WI Twisters / 2nd Place - Richfield Rebels

U18 Champions - WI 5 Diamonds / 2nd Place - Germantown


2018 Heroes of Yesterday and Today Tournament for Honor Flights

Great thank you to all participating teams, coaches, umpires and fans who endured the weather delays on Saturday, a steamy Sunday and a couple of scheduling errors. The Rebels organization extends a sincere apology for any inconveniences and thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding.

An additional thanks to the many volunteers who assisted with every facet of the operation, most of which were Rebel family members but also included a few from outside organizations including Jared Raddeman of J Rod's Jams who provided the national anthem.

Finally, special thanks to Tom Gentz US Navy Vietnam veteran, Dan Goetz US Army veteran, and Pam Schmitt retired US Army, for providing the color guard along with Stars and Stripes Honor Flight representatives Joni Nogay, Sharon Dillon and Deborah Kleise.

Gold Bracket Results

U10 Champions - West Bend Nitro / 2nd Kewauskum Tribe / 3rd Rebels Black & Slinger Storm

U12 Champions - Rebels Orange / 2nd Tosa Shock / 3rd West Bend Nitro & Rebels Black

U14 Champions - Germantown Warhawks / 2nd West Bend Nitro / 3rd Merton Fillies & Rebels Orange

U16 Champions - Wisconsin Scorpions / 2nd Falls Angels Red / 3rd Rebels Black & Queen of Diamonds

U18 Champions - New Berlin Magic / 2nd Shoreline Smash / 3rd Germantown & Muskego Storm

Silver Bracket Results

U10 Champions - Tosa Shock / runner up Franklin Force

U12 Champions - Cedarburg Crush / runner up Oconomowoc 5-0's

U14 Champions - West Bend Nitro / runner up Rebels Black

U16 Champions - Falls Angels Black / runner up New Berlin Magic Red

U18 Champions - Lake Country / runner up Tosa Shock